Monday, August 25, 2014

We Decided...

We decided to go ahead and start down the domestic adoption track! Through prayer and through looking at the information we feel that this is the right path for us.
We feel good and at peace about our decision, and as always instead of wondering, ask us the questions you have!!!

So what now?
Once our paperwork gets moved over we start the home study process which will take probably a couple of months. That means the social worker will come to our house, and they will send us a list of things that we need to do before hand. They will check for baby proofing, and just making sure that our house is in good shape for a baby. They will also sit down and interview us, go through our backgrounds, talk about our family, etc. They will also use this time to inform us about the process. The point is that we get matched with a baby that will fit in with us. So they will figure out what race of a baby would feel comfortable with our family in our home, in our town, etc. What type of disabilities might we be open to, what circumstances are we not comfortable with, etc.

So it is informative for us and them, and we will keep you posted as we learn more and go through this process.

With domestic adoption we will most likely get a newborn. We can request race, gender, etc. but it also depends what our homestudy approval says and what the social worker suggests for us. We will be working with the Bethany Richmond office for this (yay we don't have to move adoption agencies!). Once our homestudy is over we wait! That's it! We will make a book about our family that will be shown to birth mothers who we may be a good match with, and if they pick us we will likely become the parents of her child. We will also keep you updated on the process as we learn more.

So, how can you help now?
 Most importantely, pray- pray for us and getting ready for the homestudy, pray for our unborn baby and his/her birth mother.
If you have baby proofing stuff you'd like to donate that would be great! (contact us if you want to know what that includes)
The homestudy also costs $2,500 so if you feel called to donate financially, right now that is what your money would go to.

Thank you for your support and please please contact us with any questions or comments,
Kristen and Adam

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Change Might be Good

I want to start by saying that we are so thrilled by the outpouring of love and support from everyone when we announced our adoption. You all are the best.

So, we are contemplating a change. 
And change is scary. 

We found out that there some issues with the Ethiopian government as far as adoption is concerned. They are moving very slowly and not many young children are being released for adoption. And this means that our wait time could be extremely long, and we might not be able to get a child in the age range we want for our family. 

In light of this new information, we have decided to look into domestic infant adoption. 

We have talked to a few people, put our Ethiopia adoption on hold for now, and are planning to attend an information meeting next week. Once we feel like we have as much information as we possibly can have we plan to make an informed decision.

As I said, change is hard, of course we were a little heartbroken when we found out about Ethiopia, but we feel very strongly that God will bring us to the baby we are supposed to have, and that our baby is our baby no matter where he or she is from. God is still good. 

So, a few questions I know that you probably want to ask:
Why not pick another country? Well, each country has specific types of children available, its own requirements as far as time you need to stay in the country, and requirements on us as individuals and a couple. And really, we don't fit with any other country.

Why not just have your own then? We still feel called to adoption.

I thought you were called to international adoption? Yes, we absolutely felt called to international adoption, but sometimes God calls us to something and uses that to lead us to something we would not have been willing to consider otherwise. 

If you have any questions please, please, please ask us!

We will let you know when/what we decide, 
Adam and Kristen