Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Paper Pregnant

As of last week we are officially "Paper Pregnant."
We received our home study paperwork and let me tell you, it's a LOT of work.
That's how I feel sometimes. We need; physicals and TB tests and papers for the doctors to fill out, fingerprinting and background checks, questionnaires, letters of reference from friends and employers, affidavits for health insurance, waivers for photographs, tax forms, financial statements, and the list goes on and on and on. Some of the papers I don't even know how to get or what to do with, and a lot of them come with fees, $50 per person for one, $7 per person for another and there's a couple more- the adoption costs keep going up, but, as the picture says, we need it for our agency so we will figure it out, and obviously it will totally worth it once it's done and paid for.
The upside of the paperwork is that once we get it done we start our actual homestudy, so YAY for progress. Having paperwork and needing to fill out it makes me feel like I'm doing something to help the process along. It's definitely better than feeling like I'm doing nothing. We also are attending a 2 day training in November, which costs $650, currently we have $389 in our adoption fund (YAY thanks to everyone who has donated!!!) and we had a family offer a crib to us! We are beyond blessed by all of you. 
Please consider donating to our adoption, and if you can't donate monetarily please donate your prayers, time, and there are other things baby/safety related we need that would be appreciated.
Please as always, contact us if you have questions, want more specifics, or just want to talk about this (or if you want to fill out some paperwork, (just kidding.... sort of...))! We are so excited and are looking so forward to the day that we get to bring our baby home.

Kristen & Adam