Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lots of "Yays"

It has been a CRAZY couple weeks at our house.
Friday we FINALLY finished up the paperwork. We got fingerprinted, got our driving records, our pet vaccination records, filled out a million and one sheets, signed another million sheets, found our birth certificates and marriage certificate, our proof of car and health insurance, and turned EVERYTHING in. YAY!!!
So what does this mean? Next we are on to the homestudy! Which means a social worker will come to our house (I think a couple times) and look around, interview us, and we have to go to them and be interviewed separately.
We paid our homestudy fee, thanks to family support (yay!) and tonight our social worker is going to call and set up our 1st homestudy meeting. This is the scariest part for me, of course I wonder if so much will go wrong or our house won't pass, etc.
SO - with this what we could use help with if you want to support us:
Fire extinguisher
Smoke alarm with a co2 alarm
Baby gates
a window A/C for the baby room
a baby safe space heater
baby proofing stuff for drawers, cabinets, etc.

I think that's it... if you have ANY of that you would be willing to donate or let us buy from you please let me know.

We also are going to start our first fundraiser! YAY again, so we are going to do a silent auction - so we can use 1. advice and help on how to set it up, 2. items! If you have anything new, if you own a business, if you make stuff, anything that someone would pay for that would be great if you would be willing to donate that. We are asking that everything donated is new, not used. THANKS and pass that along to anyone you know who may be able to help!
We are one step closer to getting our baby and your help brings him/her one step closer to being part of our family.
And of course if you want to donate we have a donate button on the blog or you can contact me if you don't have a paypal account.

And of utmost importance if you can donate time to pray that is of the utmost importance.
Right now, you can pray for:
-preparing for the homestudy
- our social worker
-us to stay calm and focused for our homestudy
- our baby and his/her mother

THANKS for all your support whatever way it comes it is necessary and appreciated.
Adam & Kristen

10/3 Edit-
This is not enough to warrant it's own post BUT - last night our social worker called and we scheduled our first homestudy visit for October 20. YAY! Super nervous but yay, luckily we don't have to have our house ready (phew - because that would NOT get done by then) but we are finally in the homestudy process!
Also - last night we had someone anonymously leave a babygate, outlet protectors and some things we can install in our drawers to prevent them from being opened. We are so blessed and so thankful!

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