Tuesday, June 2, 2015

1 Year Later

WOW... I can't believe that we decided officially to adopt 1 year ago today. It's amazing to think 1 year ago we made a decision that put us exactly where we are today. Before this time last year we were praying about what to do, and now it couldn't be any clearer that we are definitely where we are supposed to be. Our adoption journey looks very different than we originally thought. We first thought we would be adopting internationally. Neither of us could fathom domestic adoption when there are actual orphans all over the world. But, thankfully, God changed our hearts (and closed some doors to get us there) and directed our path to domestic adoption, which we have fallen in love with in a way we never could have imagined a year ago. We love a baby and a family that we have never met. Over the last year we have met new people, helped start a church plant, Adam started a new job in Lowe's, and we have lived life as normal, just doing it all while continually thinking of our child in the back of our minds. At time the waiting has been hard, and at times easier - especially when we have had things we can do to help the process. The paper work was hard and took a long time, but it made us feel like we had a little bit of control. Slowly, God has taught us that we have no control in this situation and that we need to let go and put our baby and our future in His hands. We have learned that waiting quietly is very, very hard, and it is much easier to wait disgruntled and complaining as we go. But more than ever we have really understood God's love for us. How we were adopted into His family, and loved unconditionally, despite our flaws and our sins, and our deliberate actions against His will. We may have over another year to wait, and that is okay, we will meet our baby when he or she is here and ready for us, and when we are ready for him or her.
I want to also thank everybody for all the support we have gotten. We have had people buy t-shirts, donate baby safety items, donate money, pray, and give us emotional and spiritual support when we have needed it. We have raised around $2,000 over the last year and that is truly amazing. We wouldn't be where we are without all of you and without all of your help. thank you.

SO, to celebrate 1 year we are doing a really cool fundraiser. You may have seen this other places, as it is a very popular adoption fundraiser. It is called the puzzle piece fundraiser. We have purchased a blank puzzle that has 54 pieces. We are going to sell each piece for $5 and when you purchase a piece or pieces we will write your name on that piece or across the pieces (we will put pieces together) you bought. Then when it is complete we will frame it and hang it up in our child's room so he or she can see how so many people care about him or her and helped us find him or her.
SO - puzzle pieces are $5 each - you can pay me in person or through our paypal or send a check - remember pay pal does take a small percentage.
AND - corner pieces are $10 each - only 4 corners so first 4 people who want a corner will get them. When you pay or in your paypal memo - tell me how many pieces you want. As we go we will continue to take pictures of our puzzle as it develops.

I'm really excited for this fundraiser- this will probably be our last fundraiser so if you want to be part of one this is it!

Thanks again for everything you all have done for us over the last year and will continue to do through this process and through our child's life.

And as always, please ask any questions you may have,

Kristen & Adam

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