Tuesday, July 28, 2015

6 Months Waiting

Sorry we had no post last month! So here's the picture to commemorate!

We have actually had a lot go on the last month! We went on vacation, we decided to move to an apartment that is way bigger and nicer than our house, I went on vacation to the beach, and we have been busy trying to launch our church!

Basically, nothing new with our adoption, we are still waiting, today has been 6 months waiting!

We had to make due with a pink marker and a piece of paper because we are moving on Saturday, so most of our house is in boxes, and apparently the marker for our white board is in one of those boxes. I can't believe we have been officially a waiting family for 6 months as of today. We have learned to be content in the waiting, I think for at least right now, we are waiting quietly. 

So, with the move, we do need to update our homestudy. Unfortunately, that costs $500, but we do have that saved in our adoption account so that will be no problem. What that pays for is our social worker to come to our house and make sure that our medicines and cleaning supplies are locked up, we have ample smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher, and a room for the baby, and basically that we have a safe environment for the baby. We will also need to fill out a couple of papers again. So, on August 11 our social worker will come visit and check all that stuff out. 
We also need to redo our profile books to include information about our new house, thankfully I think our new apartment will be much more appealing to birth moms as it is brand new and everything is updated, plus the baby room will be much bigger and nicer. Again, more money, adoption is sooo expensive folks. BUT the Waynesboro High School band donated over $100 from their final concert to our adoption fund, and that is AWESOME and AMAZING and we are super thankful!
SO, that's all that is going on with us, right now it's pretty much packing and moving and then settling into our new house. And then I go back to work :(

Please be praying we can get our new place together before our home visit, that we pass our home study update with flying colors, and that we can continue to trust God in the waiting. 

As always, please contact us with any questions!!!
Kristen & Adam