Monday, February 1, 2016

1 Year Waiting

Last Thursday was the anniversary of us being homestudy approved! Meaning we were officially on the waiting list and in the "official" wait. It is crazy to think that we have been waiting and on the list for an entire year. In some ways it has gone really quickly and in other ways it has gone very slowly. We have also had a lot happen in a year. In the past year we have moved, helped our church start doing Sunday services, done some fundraising, bought some baby stuff, made new friends, and more. With adoption, mostly we have waited and tried to get as ready as is possible. We got a new social worker and re-made our profile books, and at the end of December found out we had had 3 profile views! It has been quite the year. It is also crazy to think that we have been in the adoption process for 20 months that is almost 2 years that we have been ready for this baby, and let me tell you, we are ready for him or her to come home!

As I look back on the past year, it is bitter sweet. Sweet in the fact that we are learning so much about adoption, ourselves, and God's plan for us. Bitter, in that our baby is not home yet and we are still waiting. But that is adoption too, our greatest gain is another woman's biggest loss. And we hope to have a great relationship with our child's birth family, but that does not limit the loss that she may feel when another family is raising her baby. I also see how much this family and our baby is being covered in prayer by us, by family, by friends, and by people we don't even know. We know that God is hearing our prayers and will bring our baby home in His time. God is so good and we cannot wait to see His plan revealed.
We are still waiting. We wait everyday always thinking of our little one, hoping they will be home soon. Hoping that TODAY will be the day we get the call. And on some days we run out of hope, but that is okay, because God brings us joy and His mercies are new every morning.
Anyway - this is my attempt at emptying my head, all these thoughts about waiting swirling around, I hope it makes sense.
SO - in perfect timing we are having a fundraiser THIS WEEK ONLY (ends Friday).
The awesome @twinklouise on instagram is hosting a fundraiser for us. She makes beautiful jewelry and hand embroidered hoops and is donating ALL HER PROFITS to our adoption. How awesome is she. SO check it out and buy something from her - get something cute for yourself as you support us!
So, we haven't heard if we've had any profile views this month - I'll let you know when I know!
Thanks for all of your support in the past year and the support I know you will continue to give, I know that this is the year baby Werle will come home!
Kristen & Adam

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  1. Adoption is definitely bittersweet. We are in the wait, too (2 1/2 years) - here's to hoping this is the year for both of us!