Thursday, February 25, 2016

Favorite Adoption Blogs

Here's a fun post!
These are my FAVORITE adoption blogs that I keep up with.
What are your favorites? This is a great blog by a mama who brought her little girl back from China last year. Full of faith, family, and adoption stories this is a great one to keep up with. This is my best friend's blog. She hasn't blogged in a while, as their adoption wait was very short. But read her words, and you can read her story on blog here: Kelsey's Story This is a blog by a sweet adoptive mama who writes a lot about adoption, gives advice, and talks about her story. I love to come and read what she has to say. I LOVE Sara's story about foster care and adoption. NOW their blog has changed and now it is about her pregnancy after infertility and fostercare, but go to her instagram and look at her posts, which are mini blog posts really, for the past couple YEARS. I know that's a LOT of work, but it will be MORE than worth your time. (@saraluceroandco) Now, this is not just a blog, this is a website with a blog. BUT, it is run by a birth mother and speaker about adoption. I think it is SO important that birth mother's perspectives are learned, appreciated, and respected when reading and learning about adoption. So, DEFINITELY read some of what she has to say. This is a great blog from a woman who adopted domestically and internationally and is a social worker! She shares honestly about her adoptions, emotions, and how she handles every day life. Her story is worth a read! I just found this blog and I love it so much! It is by an adoptive mama who struggled with infertility and the wait. Her posts are so inspiring and remind me that I'm not alone and that God has not forgotten me. This is one of my good friend's blogs. Caitie and Nate are adopting domestically through Bethany Christian services in VA. They have been active since July 2016 and are waiting for their little one to come home!

I know there are more that I am forgetting, and I will add to this as I remember them and come across them, but I think learning from each other is one of the best resources we have in this crazy adoption world. So, check them out, and let me know your favorites!


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