Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blessings from Adoption

My mom and I were talking the other day about how hard waiting for something you want is. But, we ended up talking also about how many good things happen while you are waiting for something that God has for you. So I thought I'd share all the blessings we have experienced and seen while we have been waiting to adopt.

* First we have learned SO MUCH about adoption, birth families, foster care, and so much more, which has really prepared us to be adoption advocates and really come to love adoption. We also have been able to educate people when they ask about adoption.

* Friends - I have made so many friends on social media (there is a fabulous adoption community on instagram - who knew?!?) I also have met someone through an adoption Facebook group who lives close enough that we get together on a regular basis. She has become one of my best friends and it is so nice to have someone who I can talk to who understands the adoption process and is there with me through the wait. That friendship is so invaluable.

*Setting up the nursery. This may not be something that is good for everyone, but for me this gives me hope. And truly having the nursery is a blessing and I LOVE our nursery, I can't wait to use it.

*We have seen our community and my online adoption community step up to help us with our finances. We have raised close to $3,000 total through all our fundraising, and so much of that is from people we don't even know.

* Our wait and experience has given us the desire to do foster care in the future as we see the need for good foster families.

*We have learned how to listen to God's desire for our family and rest in His sovereignty and His timing. We are also learning patience (obviously). And how to actively hope.

* We have heard so many stories about how adoption has touched other people's lives, which is always encouraging to us.

* We have been able to encourage others in their wait and their adoption journey

*This blog has actually been a HUGE blessing. I started this blog for a couple reasons, I wanted to give an honest perspective on adoption which is so hard to find, I wanted to keep family and friends updated on this journey, and I wanted an outlet for myself.This blog has accomplished that and more. I have had so many people write me and tell me that they are feeling this way, or remember feeling this way. I have made connections with people who I never met who pray for me and who encourage me and who I pray for and encourage.

*I have been able to teach my kids at school a lot about adoption which has been really cool and hopefully they consider it in the future.

So, I'm sure there are more, but these are a some of the ways we have been blessed already. What blessings have you experienced while waiting to adopt? Let me know!

With Love,

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