Monday, March 7, 2016

Kelsey's Story

Today I am going to share Kelsey's story with you. Kelsey (and her husband Tyler) has an amazing adoption story and I asked her if I could share it and she said 'of course.' Kelsey is my friend who I met on Facebook (I promise it's not as sketchy as it sounds). We met on an adoption group - I noticed she was from VA and we messaged each other and realized we don't live far apart. So, we decided to get together and talk about adoption and now we get together about once a week and share life. Recently, she was able to share her awesome adoption experience with me and I am so blessed to hear this and now to share it with you.

Friday February 26 - Kelsey and I meet for coffee after school as we do often. We talk about life, adoption, and the wait. Kelsey shares with me that she is frustrated with her agency (they signed the contract the week prior). The agency was waiting for them to pay a fee and Kelsey was waiting for them to approve her homestudy. She said that she tried to call and pay the fee over the phone but for some reason her cards wouldn't work, even though they had the money in the account. So, she sent them a check and as of this day they still hadn't got it. So we talked about how frustrating that can be and moved on.

Saturday February 27 - I get a phone call from Kelsey that evening and she shared that she could have a baby in 6 weeks. My response was WHAT? How is this possible? The agency hasn't even got your check or approved your homestudy and you haven't even made your profile book. BUT - she shared that an acquaintance of hers called her about an adoption situation. This acquaintance was supposed to adopt from an expectant mother, but the expectant mother moved and the legal fees increased and her and her husband had to back off from the adoption. BUT they called Kelsey to see if she was interested. Kelsey talked to Tyler and they said YES OF COURSE. At the time the baby was due April 10, the baby is a girl (which Kelsey and Tyler requested!!!). So, the family was called that night and asked Kelsey to call them the next evening after they had a chance to discuss it.

Sunday February 28 - Kelsey tells me the phone call with the family went great! They talked to the expectant mother's parents and got a long fabulously. She said it could not have gone any better and they got a better understanding of the situation.

Tuesday March 1 - Kelsey texts me and says after EM's doctor appointment baby is now due April 2! 1 month!!!! Start freak out now! Kelsey also calls her agency who still haven't got her check and they are willing to hold their spot and the check until after they meet the EM and family.

Saturday March 5 - Kelsey and Tyler go meet the EM and her parents. Kelsey said it went great they got along well and are all ready to move forward with the process.

So now Kelsey has a month and she will be a mama to a beautiful baby girl. This was not her plan, but God's plan and His plan is SO much better. She gets her baby much sooner than waiting with an agency, she met a family who wants the same things out of an open adoption, and their fees are tens of thousands of dollars less.
I firmly believe that God prevented her check from getting to her agency and her homestudy from being approved because He had such a different plan she couldn't even imagine!
I am SOOOO excited for her and CANNOT WAIT to meet her baby and celebrate adoption with her.
Head on over to and leave her some love and learn more about her adoption story!

thanks for reading and letting me share with you!
- Kristen

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