Tuesday, April 5, 2016

God is Good

Happy April! Even though I saw flurries this morning it is still April and spring! I love spring because everything is new again. But I hate allergies - they are killing me today. In March we had 1 profile view and as of March 28 we have been waiting 14 months. Our social worker says we should be encouraged by this. That our book is so active. Most people don't have a very active book when they've only been waiting 14 months. So that is good. But it is hard to remember to be encouraged, and to not look at the "no's" as something discouraging. But, we do our best to view them as something positive and keep our minds on God's plan for us and the positives of our situation, because there are a lot :).

There's Penelope with our board. She was scared of it so this is as good as it got. March was an interesting month. One thing that happened was that we were contacted on social media by an expectant mother who liked our blog and thought we were genuine. We tried to hook her up with our agency, which she was interested in and then there was some miscommunication between her and the agency and us, and I'm not sure where she stands now. And that's okay, she is allowed to feel however she wants. We just hope the best for her and that she finds the support she needs regardless of her decision and regardless if she finds an agency or not. Please be praying for her and her pregnancy. 
The last week of March was also spring break for me, which was awesome to have a break from school. I got to see some of my best friends, my family, and get out of town for a while all of which was really good. 

This month I want to blog about the idea that God is good. This is something that is so true all the time. No matter what life brings God is good. Adam and I were talking and we noticed something. When good things happen in life people always say "God blessed me with this, God is good." And that is true, very true. But often people do not say God is good and that God blessed us with something in the midst of a struggle. I think we need to remember even more in our struggling and suffering that God is good. God often blesses us in the midst of struggle, and sometimes we can look back and see how a struggle is a blessing. I believe at this point I can say I have been blessed with infertility - as this made our decision to adopt so much easier and will ultimately be part of why we get our child and have the family we have. We can say that through the wait God is good, not because of circumstances but because He is God and that is part of His character. God works everything for His good because He is good. When we suffer God is still good. When people die, God is still good, when the worst possible things in life happen, when we look at the world around us and all the bad things that happen, we can still say God is good. SO - even though we've waited for over a year, even though we have been told many "no's," even though we have no idea when our baby is coming, God is still good. And God will be JUST as good when we get matched, when our baby comes home, and when we finalize our adoption. God is always good. 

Psalm 107:1 - Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! His faithful love endures forever.

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