Sunday, November 6, 2016

Toby Memorial Fundraiser.

Friends! We still have around $6,000 of agency fees to pay and we thought to do a fundraiser in honor of the baby we lost, Toby, would be a great way to bring our next baby home. Using the tragedy of Toby's short life for something good. So this week (my birthday, National Adoption Awareness month, and Friday being Toby's due date) we are doing a give what you will fundraiser.
If you give certain amounts I will make you something.
$15 -$29 you get a free mini hanging pillow.

$30-$49 you get a free pillow.

 $50 or more you can choose from 2 pillows, a personalized (you pick the design, colors, fabric, etc) pillow, or a baby quilt( you pick the color scheme).
Example of quilt: (embroidery not included)

So if you want to donate click on the Donate button in the right side. That will take you to our PayPal adoption account. If you have questions please contact me here or email me at

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