Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Parenthood So Far

Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated. Needless to say, we've been busy! Just a quick update here.

We have been dealing with some weird legal stuff with Adrian's adoption. I don't want to get into it as it is his story to tell, but long story short our agency has retained a lawyer to help limit our risk and has a plan in place. It has been SUPER stressful, because there was/is a risk of us losing him, but the risk now is less than it was before and I think we are in a good spot. Please continue to pray for us and the process.

I have enjoyed staying home with him so far, Adam was home with us the first 2 weeks. I go back to work the first week of April. We went and visited his day care yesterday to get some paper work and meet his teachers and as much as I wish I could stay home with him, I'm excited for him to start daycare and meet some baby friends and learn a lot! He loves to eat, cuddle, watch fans, play in his swing, and play on his play mat. He is SUCH a good baby and almost never fusses.

I will say, finding out that we could lose Adrian took a toll on our bonding. You all know, in adoption attachment is so important, but it is hard to attach when you feel like you need to guard part of your heart just in case. I think we worked through it well, but man it was hard. I definitely relied a lot on scripture, prayer, and friends.

Next week we have our first post-placement visit with our social worker - in Virginia you have to have 3 visits between bringing home your baby and his 6th month birthday in order to apply for finalization. Once his adoption is finalized we can apply for a birth certificate, SSN, etc. It just means he is legally ours (currently he is legally the agency's).

For his birth mother we have a private blog that she can access with a password. We post pictures and updates every couple weeks for her. I love that she gets to see him often and keep up to date with what he is doing. We talk about her often and can't wait until she is ready to do a visit, we have so much respect for her and love her so much.

I know this is a weird update that jumps around, but my brain is full of baby. When there is more to update, or when I have something to share I will, I promise! Don't forget to follow me on instagram as that is much more of a mini-blog with our updates.

With SO much love,