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Some of the best resources are from those who are/have gone through adoption, check out this link to a post where I list my favorite adoption blogs: Favorite adoption blogs

Books to read:

The Open-hearted Way to Open Adoption by Lori Holden
      This is an amazing book that really opened my eyes about open adoption. It is so good! Even if open adoption is scary to you, PLEASE read this book.

Instant Mom by Nia Vardalos
      This book was written by the woman who starred in and wrote My Big Fat Greek Wedding. And this book is amazing. It is about her and her adventure find her daughter through foster care. It is funny and so inspiring.

Adopted for Life by Russell Moore
     This book looks at the theology of adoption. As  a Christian this is a must read. It helps you understand that we are adopted and therefore we should adopt.

Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman
      This book is not just about adoption but it is a great read. It is by Steven Curtis Chapman's wife, Mary Beth. It talks about their life including their multiple adoptions and the loss of one of their daughters and how they coped with that. It is a beautiful read and it will make you laugh out loud and cry, sometimes on the same page!

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